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Recent Scholarship Recipients

VSSR Scholarship Award
Established 1989

Scholars -

2015 Recipients:
Mr. Austin Pierce
- Washington and Lee University / Duke University Law School
Mr. Richard Hamrick - Vanderbilt University
Miss Katerina Kuzel - The College of William and Mary
Mr. Sam Moffatt - The Virginia Military Institute

2014 Recipients:
Randolph Marshall Hollerith ($5,000)
-  Washington & Lee University
Isabel Jean Randolph Baldwin ($2,500) - James Madison University
John Bartlett Trigg ($1,500) - New  Community High School (Richmond)
Louisa Sydnor Mauck ($1,500) - Douglas Southall Freeman High School (Richmond)

2013 Recipients:
Maury Addison Denton ($5,000)
- University of VA - The Darden School of Business
Matson Lamar Roberts ($2,500) - University of Virginia
Britton Taylor ($2,500) - Old Dominion University

2011 Recipients:
Ellen M. Geho
- James Madison University
Emily K. Hardy - Washington & Lee University
Clyde W. Harrelson - Carr Art & Design University
Meriwether W. Mauck - James Madison University
Matson L. Roberts, Jr. - University of Virginia

2010 Recipients:
Austen Rhodes Brower
- The College of William and Mary
Franklin Young Geho, Jr. - University of Virginia
William Robertson Trigg, Jr. - High Point University

2009 Recipient:
Kathryn M. "Kate" Lundvall
University of Delaware

2008 Recipients:
Victoria Elizabeth Ferrer
Edward Gardner Lundvall
Sallie Penn Turner

2005 Recipients:
Lila Ilana Stone
- University of Florida
Zachary Brickhouse
- Vanderbilt University

2004 Recipients:
Lila Ilana Stone
- University of Florida
Andrew G. Reish University of Virginia Medical School

2002 Recipient:
Elizabeth L. Bushnell
James Madison University

2001 Recipient:
Emily Kellam Grandstaff
University of Virginia
Frank Tyler Beveridge Brown University of Virginia

2000 Recipients:
Katherine Miller Bushnell
College of Charleston
Cameron Royall Barradale
Clemson University
John Andrew Davenport University of Virginia Medical School

1999 Recipient:
Amy Catherine Whitten
William & Mary

1994 Recipient:
Paul Matingly Dickinson, Jr.
Virginia Military Institute

1992 Recipients:
Philip Pendleton Hall
Washington College
John Andrew Davenport
Williams College

1990 Recipients:
John L.G. Whittle
- University of Virginia
Emilie Hampton Leake Hollins College


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