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Activities and Accomplishments

Members of the Sons of the Revolution in Virginia strive to "foster the patriotic spirit of their forefathers" in a variety of ways. The most colorful event of the year is the annual Washington's Birthday Dinner, when members gather to honor the founding leaders of the nation. Here, the spirit of patriotism and fellowship are in ample evidence.

In recent years, a Spring event has become a tradition of the Virginia Society at the Virginia House with wives. Other gatherings of members, accompanied by spouses, take place each year at the homes of distinguished Virginians. These fellowship events have been held at Patrick Henry's Scotchtown, at Benjamin Harrison's Berkley, at President John Tyler's Sherwood Forest, at William Byrd's Westover and many others.

Each October, the Society has, for many years, participated in activities commemorating the surrender at Yorktown. During the year, we have functions that include our spouses.

Throughout the year, a Board of Managers meets regularly to run the affairs of the Society and to seek out and implement projects related to the basic concepts of the Society. For example, over the years, this Society has sponsored and placed markers and plaques throughout Virginia, honoring people and events of the Revolutionary War period.

In addition, the Society paid for Virginia's bell in the "Chime of Bells" at Valley Forge. It has donated books to libraries, contributed to the endowment fund at St. John's Church, and presented a portrait of Washington to Scotchtown. Committees of the Sons have worked with various State agencies on placing Revolutionary War Historic Markers and in the preparation of maps locating major events of that War. Brochures relating to Revolutionary history have been published and distributed by the Society.

During the Bicentennial Celebration in 1976, this Society was a major contributor to the cost of producing a filmed re-enactment of Patrick Henry's famous speech at St. John's Church, and also produced a commemorative book entitled "200 Years of Glory", which graphically detailed the role of the Sons of the Revolution in Virginia.

Members can be truly proud of the contribution their Society has made over the past 100 plus years in preserving the significance of the American dream and in providing a better realization of the meaning of patriotism.


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